The Sundial

A gift for the Centenary — Hours to Sunset

For Western Australia’s oldest and most prestigious university, the installation of an ‘anachronistic chronometer’ is a perfect celebration of their 100th anniversary.

Hours to Sunset is a stunning Venetian mosaic sundial at The University of Western Australia, designed by Academy Award winning artist, author, filmmaker and UWA graduate, Shaun Tan. The technical calculations for the accurate functioning of the sundial are provided by UWA academic Dr Peter Kovesi.

The huge sundial (4.56m x 8.0m) on the west-facing wall of The University Club will inspire passers-by – and the 100th cohort of new students – to look beyond modern gadgetry and be reminded, as Shaun Tan intended, “of the origin of all time-keeping, as well as our most basic relationship with nature and sunlight as the principal source of life”.


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