The Craftsmen

The mosaic

The construction of this mosaic required craftsmen of distinction, with experience and attention to detail. Not only is this an art piece, it is also a working sundial and everything from tile spacing to dimensions to the graduated lines needed to be accurate.

Artisan tiler Iain H. Middleton from V-vo Architectural Mosaics, with Ankit Gakhar, Darren Hay and Brody Osborne formed the core team.

V-vo have a passion for specialist installation of remarkable mosaics, with a particular care for the aesthetics and longevity of their work. Their talent and reputation for first-class work in long-lasting mosaic murals was rewarded with the invitation to install Hours to Sunset for The University of Western Australia — a significant artwork to celebrate the University’s centenary. Like V-vo, we expect this to stand the test of time and be the iconic image for the University for the next 100 years.

Blue Stone Pools consulted and assisted V-vo Architectural Mosaics with the installation of this project. Special thanks to Grant Osborne, whose care and attention to detail was invaluable on this project.

The gnomon

In order for the sundial to work, the accuracy of the gnomon (from the ancient Greek word γνώμων meaning ‘indicator/one who discerns/that which reveals’) which casts the sun’s shadow is critical.

Many people would be familiar with the vertically-mounted triangular gnomon of common or garden sundials. But that would not do here.

The Hours to Sunset gnomon was designed by Shaun Tan, dimensions calculated by Dr Peter Kovesi and manufactured by metal artisan Matt Edmonds.

7 Jan 13 Matt Edmonds & Iain on gnomon fabrication

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