Nearly there

The final act in our tale nears completion – a three-dimensional foreground for our soaring two-dimensional backdrop is in place.

Large and mysterious, the objects are at once part of the mosaic that towers above and yet are separate from it, a testament to the skill of artist and artisan alike.

Just a few more touch-ups, a bit of energetic photosynthesis, and we’re almost done.

But there’s still one missing element: the people.

This is a display that is meant to be experienced, not merely gazed upon from afar. As artist Shaun Tan puts it himself.

“The extrusion of three dimensional forms out of a two dimensional image, as if having fallen out, is interesting and playful, particularly if you can walk around and sit on them, and I do hope that it’s a space that invites active casual use, and acts as a campus landmark.”





That is your task now.

Courtyard-4 Courtyard-3 Courtyard-2 Courtyard-1

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